Hello guys,

When we started studying at PUC we discussed if translate to Portuguese the preparation tutorials worth the effort.

Some said that not since the exam is English.

However, I still think more students would be attracted and encouraged to study if it was in their own language.

And you, what do you think about this topic?

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I think it would be very much interesting. Also, you can count on me, to help you do that.

Best regards

I think it´s very important to translate books to the students´s mother language. It seems like students which never thought about studying DB2 could be easily introduced to the technology.

Hi, I'm already arranging the certification material (tutorials and presentations to be translated into Italian). I think students will learn better if the certification material is in their mother tongue. Note that students who translate the certification content must sign copyright forms (which I can send you). I've also had this approved by our lawyer.

Also, the names of the translators can be added to the front page of each tutorial and to the front page of each presentation. This is the recognition they get for doing the translation.

Also this is a good way to get students interested in certification; and they can learn the material as they're translating it! ;-)

Unfortunately we cannot translate the exams. However, after studying the content (tutorials/presentations) in their native language, I think students will be better prepared to write the certification exams in English.

Thanks for starting this discussion. I'm going to ask the ambassadors from each country to start the same discussion in their groups. ;-)
Hello Rafael

This is very good discussion!

Do you know, Raul Chong, the global leader of DB2 on Campus program is always promoting people to translate DB2 materials to country native languages. Wellington, Carol and I worked on the translation of the book “GETTING STARTED WITH DB2 Express-C" to Portuguese and know we have the Portuguese Brazil version of this book ("CONHECENDO O DB2 Express-C".) available for free download at

The main goal of this effort was to disseminate DB2 knowledge to all people in Brazil. I’m sure that is easy to study based on your native language materials BUT… we all know that is very important, not only on our IT area, to be fluent in English!

All IT professional should be able in, at least, read, understand and write in English because this is the global communication language!

Talking about certification: all tests are in English because all IT certification are valid around the world. Then… I think that would be easier to pass in this kind of test if you use the English materials to study.

Hey people, lets talk about this very interesting subject?

E… vocês preferem escrever em português, sem problemas! O objetivo é discutirmos pois assim podemos conhecer os pontos de vista de vocês e, de repente, estimular os grupos de estudos DB2 para traduzir o material da certificação!

Obrigada. Um abraço, Andrea
Hello Rafael,

I don't think it is such a good idea translating the preparation tutorials to Portuguese since almost everything we've got for DB2 is in english.

It is also a good thing to help the students to pratice english.



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