I am using Vormetric encryption to guard my DB2 database containers. The path guarded is E:\INSHVDB\NODE0000\HVDB

The instance name is INSHVDB and DB Name is HVDB. I installed the Vormetric Agent and guarded the above path and then proceeded to create the DB. It returns error SQL0970N The system attempted to write to a read-only file. SQLSTATE=55009.  When I unguard the path, I am able to create the DB successfully.

I am using DB2 10.5 WSE and Vormetric Agent Version 

Funny thing is I am able to create DB when it is guarded with DB2 10.1 ESE. 

Appreciate if anyone can assist with what I am missing,

Thank you



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After some more testing I believe this is an internal permission issue. When I change the DB2 instance service to run as db2admin, it works. But we have always been using Local System to Log On As. 

When installing 10.1 and using Local System, I am able to create a new database.

When installing 10.5 and using Local System, I cannot create a new database citing unable to modify read only file. But I can restore a 10.1 backup and connect to it. 

Is there an authorization I am missing for Db2 10.5? Thank you




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