With IBM Knowledge Center, searching for information about many different IBM products will be easier because all of the information is in one place at

Another great thing about IBM Knowledge Center is collections. You can save and organize topics in one or more collections so that you are in control.

For example, you might want to:

  • Limit a collection to just the products and versions that you have.
  • Limit a collection to just one product, and specific topics of interest.
  • Make a collection with a hybrid mix of two products, and add specific topics from a third product.
  • Make a collection with a hybrid mix of just the administration topics across three products.
  • Make a collection of topics about all sorts of products, just because you want to refer to these topics whenever you need to.

Setting up a collection is intuitive with IBM Knowledge Center. Find the information that you want to save, and click Save to collection.  If you already have a collection started, choose Save an existing collection. Otherwise, choose Save a new collection and give the collection whatever name makes the most sense to you.

After you select the topics for your collection, you can rearrange those topics by clicking Edit and the up or down arrows to indicate that you want topics to move up or down inside of the collection. Later, if you find other topics that you want to add, just click Save to collection --> Save an existing collection. It's easy!  If you decide you want to change the name of a collection later, perhaps when you add new topics, just click Edit and give it a new name. And if you decide you no longer need one or more topics in that collection, click Edit and the X icon, to indicate that you want to delete that topic from your collection.

Another other great thing about collections is that you will always see the most up-to-date information available. For example, if you define a collection on a Monday and it includes topic X, and topic X is updated on IBM Knowledge Center on Wednesday, when you view your collection on Thursday, you see the updated information, without needing to do anything special.

Finally, you can easily generate a PDF for the information in your collection, simply by clicking Create PDF file.

Let IBM Knowledge Center help you customize your experience with IBM product information by using My Collections, today! The Open Beta for IBM Knowledge Center continues at

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