This is not a “Once upon a time” story is a “One and a half year ago” story. It happened few months after I was hired by Openware (, the company I am working for. At this time, our principal security web-based service was powered by DB2 for Workgroups version 7.1. One day, Laura, a business associate, received an invitation to participate in a presentation on DB2 Express-C version 9.1 given by Raul Chong a database consultant at IBM who works closely with IBM's DB2 development team (http:// We went to its presentation and we realised how much power and advantages holds the new community version of DB2, then my boss Dario decided to migrate our old DB2 database to that new version…

Actually my company hired me as I was a PHP programmer with highly skilled in MySQL database administration. I never administered a DB2 database before apart from write down some SQL sentences for my PHP code. So, one month after Raul Chong’s presentation my boss announced me that I will be on charge of the database server upgrade and data migration. What a tremendous chore for someone who never administrated a DB2 data server! It was an insane month of working starting from zero! I struggled with lots of troubles along my way, many database servers’ virtualisations were required and my loyal work mate Lisandro work out those virtualisations in a perfect and extremely coordinated teamwork. In this hard working month there were many problems that almost made us give up on the migration process, even one time we called IBM Argentina to price the whole migration service. But in the end, with a lot of studying and community help given by DB2 specialists from IBM and other companies we did it. Finally, since June 2007 our principal service is based on one of the newest versions of IBM DB2 data servers.

From that day, when our new database server got into production many things had changed and improved. I am going to make a list of them:

- Improved performance increases production on our internal users and new customer experience allow us to launch an international programme with more than 15 new customers around the world.

- No more midnight alerts and incident issue tickets by insertions problems.

- A new IBM DB2 Control Centre gives us more precise information about what is happening every moment.

- Incredible compression technology saves lot of disk space on our database server. It compressed our old DB2 database from 3.2 GB to 1.7 GB!

To sum up, I would like to mention why I am proud of being a DB2 administrator (now) and in a sort of way a DB2 hero. First of all, all improvements helped people, especially internal users to work more comfortably avoiding delays and head aches on rush hours. Plus, migration allows to my company to offer a highly reliable service for existing national customers and opened a wide horizon to gain abroad new ones.

Esteban Acosta Villafañe
Developer - R+D Department

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Awesome story Esteban!. I'm glad it all started after my speech!. I've also added a link to this story from the DB2 on Campus group in To join the group, you can follow the instructions posted here:

Looking forward to hearing more great news from you!.

Cheers, Raul.

Hi! I am so glad that you've commented on my story :) As I told you, your speech encouraged us to became a big fan of DB2 Express-C.

I'm going to sign up at as soon as I can. You'll see me there soon!


FYI ... you can get a gift for sharing your DB2 success story on ChannelDB2. See the details on the Hero stories page.
oh good story ....
it is almost remarkable to see that a PHP developer got into DB2 Administration....
good job!


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