I was a student from UNITEC Campus Sur University located in Mexico City, Mexico D.F. I meet Raul F. Chong, the IBM DB2 on Campus Program Manager
Worldwide, with this program for universities I was a DB2 student ambassador,
is a student who voluntarily promotes DB2 at his or her university, by replicating DB2
on Campus speeches and workshops, or simply promoting the use of the product. I create a DB2 User Group at UNITEC ( and Iwas the first presitent for this group, and invited fellow students to participate. At one point the group boasted to have almost 70 members!

Also I visit to the UNAM DB2 User Group (another group at another university in

In the following url you can find some details when I was a preseident of the db2 users:

On July of 2007, I made the IBM DB2 certification exam 730 and on May 2 th 2008 I made the IBM DB2 certification exam 731. Now I am a IBM Certified Database Administrator DB2 9 and I have the oportunity to work in IBM since June 23 th 2008.
I am very hapy working here in IBM and I am learning so much about DB2 on AIX.

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hi sara, great to see you joining DB2 on campus. and which paved the way for you to joining IBM...
i have also been invloved with DB2 for some time and planning to do IBM DB2 cert exam 731.... i may have a project on DB2 on AIX....but i have no knowledge of have u worked on it?
how can i prepare myself for DB2 on AIX...
i have worked on windows only.....with DB2 express-C


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