Drew DeNardo from InGrid Digital Home Protection talks about their use of DB2 Express-C, and why they chose it over MySQL, Oracle and Sybase.

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Comment by channeldb2 on June 27, 2008 at 2:12pm
Transcript for this video:

[Video title] User Experiences with DB2 Express-C

Featuring DREW DENARDO, InGrid Digital Home Protection

Hi, my name is Drew DeNardo, and I work for InGrid Digital Home Protection. We are in the home security business.

[Scene title] Why DB2 Express-C
We are a startup. So about 2 years ago when we were launching our development efforts we didn't want to spend a whole lot of money. And at the same time we wanted to use a product that we knew could grow with us, grow with our business,and was really an industrial strength real product not something built by a couple of guys in a garage in Sweden [referring to MySQL]. And so, DB2 Express-C fit that bill to a 'T'. Its a real product, it really worked and had Enterprise class features , and its price was exactly what we were looking for [free].

[Scene title] Easy to Use
One of the things that was a pleasant surprise for me - after installing DB2 Express - was the fact that I don't spend a lot of time maintaining my database. Everything from the fact that it will re-size its own sort-heaps and database managers and re-organize tables and back itself up, all on a schedule, automatic, as needed basis, gives me time, where I'm spending my time, worrying about home security issues, and worrying about other availability sorts of issues in my data center, and my database just runs.

[Scene title] Versus Other Databases
So I spent 7 or 8 years of my career earlier as a oracle customer. There are many things that Oracle does well but honestly I don't think Oracle really has an offering that suits my business. Especially nowhere near in the order of magnitude of cost that I'm interested in. We've also looked at offerings from Sybase and Interbase, when we were looking around ... it was worth looking at them from a due diligence point of view, but frankly it didn't take very long when comparing them to DB2, to recognize that DB2 was clearly superior.

[Scene title] Bottom line
We're really excited to have IBM and their products on board because they really make sure that we are not only able to deliver our service to our subscribers but actually deliver it reliably, and with the kind of availability they are going to expect from someone who is protecting their homes and family.

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