Leveraging Spatial Capabilities in Your Database ( hi-res)

This chat introduces the spatial capabilities of IBM relational databases, focusing on the DB2 LUW Spatial Extender. Much of the business data that we work with has a spatial characteristic, such as customer or office locations, sales regions, hazard polygons or facilities such as utility lines and highways. By representing this spatial information in a relational table as spatial datatypes, SQL queries can incorporate spatial functions to perform spatial analysis in the database. Business value is derived by being able to answer questions like:

* where are customers who may be interested in buying flood insurance?
* what are the patterns of high crime activity
* should a new service center be constructed to support new customers
* where are preferred service providers along a route I plan to take
DB2 with the Spatial Extender is being used to answer these questions.

To learn more join experts from IBM labs - Sal Vella, (VP) and David Adler.

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Comment by David Adler on November 4, 2010 at 4:30pm
An IBM geobrowser based on JViews Maps is now available as a free download from
Comment by Natasha Tolub on July 28, 2010 at 1:45pm
Hi Anas,

This is the answer I got from David Adler:
We don't ship an offering like Oracle's MapViewer with DB2 Spatial Extender. IBM ILOG JViews Maps V8.7 has support for DB2 and includes a sample mapbuilder application which contains many of the same capabilities. (we are planning to make something like this available as a free download in a couple months but are still going through the process - don't know if we can mention this). There are also third party geocoders that can be used in conjunction with DB2 Spatial Extender.
Comment by Anas Mosaad Mesrah on July 28, 2010 at 1:31am
Is there any utility or application shipped with DB2 that offer something like MapViewer.or I have to get a commercial geocoding software for this?

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