IBM DB2 Viral Video - Pitch Meeting - Monday (Part 1)

"Let's talk about how to make an American blockbuster corporate video."

[Scroll to the comments section below to read transcript.]

See how it all begins...

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Comment by channeldb2 on June 27, 2008 at 4:22pm
Here is the transcript of this video:


[IBM executive enters the room]
All right, good morning everybody. Ah, you know I usually direct these industrials but they've decided to go a different route so we've got a hollywood director here - this is Dave S[shh]meigle.

[Dave Smeigle waving] Hey people. Viral Video ahm? Sounds gross doesn't it? Something you might catch from your cousin?

[IBM Executive] Viral videos are really the future of marketing. Ok - the Internet is a global environment ... [Caption: DAVID SMOOGLE, IBM Executive / Aspiring Film Maker] ... or so I'm told. I just don't think that traditional hollywood formulas are going to work here.

[Hollywood director, Smeigle] So lets talk about how to make the most contagious video possible. So lets talk about how to make an American blockbuster corporate video.

[IBM Executive, Smoogle] Well we really work from a European Cinema vibe here ... more and more character driven ...

[Smeigle interrupting] European movies are slow! I'm talking like 'Shoould Iiiiii oopen the windowe' ... like maybe 10 minutes in a french film.

[Smoogle] I just i want to make a video with a level of artistic quality that matches are technical prowess. I mean Excuse me for having standards. This guy, he just wants to blow crap up.

[Smeigle] Lets talk about competition ... what can you guys do to seperate yourselves from the pack.

[Smoogle] Exactly, how are we viewed in the public eye, ok. I think thats what we are talking about.

[Smeigle] I don't think ... actually thats not what I was going for

[Smoogle] Thats pretty much precisely what we're talking about here.

[Woman with laptop wearing dark T-shirt] Well we're high performance and we're low maintenance.

[someone mummers] Some of us are.

[Man in blue shirt and striped tie] We have an entire family of databases to meet our customer's needs.

[Man in pink shirt and dark tie] We have pureXML also.

[Smoogle] The two most eautiful words in the English language - pure X M L! What we ... its written out as one word - pureXML - but believe me its a basket full of words. It really is.

[Woman in reddish jacket] We're greener than our competitors.

[Smeigle] Excellent, thats a hot topic right there - Green. Lets .. lemme ask this ... something, something that we could use as a symbol for IBM. Something that metaphorically says green. Apples? Trees?

[Smoogle] Dragons. Dragons.

[Man in pink shirt] Actually I don't want to burst your bubble here boss but everybody knows that dragons are orange.

[Smoogle] Dragons are green.

[Employee in pink shirt ] Orange.

[Smeigle] hey. thats... vowe. Thats not the direction I want ...

[pink shirt Employee] Anybody with a 4th grade education knows that dragons are orgango, so...

[Smoogle] You want to take a walk outside. Can I talk to you outside.

[Smoogle and pink shirt employee leave the room and are seen arguing through the window]

[Smoogle recounting about the incident] Lets put this in context, ok, I felt the artistic integrity of my project was going down the drain. Now, do I regret my subsequent behaviour? Umm, I regret that it was all caught on film.

[Closing title]
It's contagious.
Comment by casiepw on June 18, 2008 at 3:07pm
Very funny,can't wait to see what happens next :)
Comment by channeldb2 on June 16, 2008 at 5:02pm
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