IBM Database Encryption Expert in action with DB2

Watch as Belal Tassi, DB2 Technical Evangelist, shows IBM Database Encryption Expert in action as it easily protects a DB2 database.

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Comment by Belal Tassi on November 17, 2008 at 3:44pm
Hello Andreas,

You would protect the table space containers that hold any tables that contain this senstive data.

So for example, if your SSN column was stored in the HR table, and the HR table was in the TBLSPACE1 table space which is composed of two containers, you would encrypt the directories that hold these two containers.

For the most part, for security purposes to save you from having to accuratly identify all locations were senstive data exists (and potentially miss any senstive columns), it is best to just encrypting all your table spaces containing user data. Althought for those who are used to the column level approach this sounds onnerous - using IBM DEE's file level based encryption it is really quick easy with low performance overhead.

Hope that helps,

- Belal, CISSP
Comment by Andreas on September 24, 2008 at 7:44am
Mr Tassi,

Thank you for sharing this video on the IBM Database Encryption Expert. I wonder:

I understand that EE protects files on the file system, not database
objects. Given that I have sensitive data stored in a (local DB2
V.9.5 Express-C, CentOS 4.4 Linux, x86_64) database (i.e. the SSN
column of the EMPLOYEE table) which files on the filesystem needs to
be protected?

Best regards,

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