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ASEAN XML Superstars Announced

For contest winner names visit View »

XML Challenge wraps up in Turkey

The inaugural year of XML Challenge in Turkey which began in November 2008 has just successfully wrapped up recently in April 2009. About 1100 individuals from 32 cities & 70 universities from T… View »

FREE DB2 now available for Mac OS X

Great news for contestants who are Mac users. DB2 Express-C is now available for download on MacOS. Check out get DB2 9 for free! View »

Dr. Arvind Krishna talks about the XML Challenege during his IOD2008 Keynote

Click on the following link to watch video: View »

Contest now open in North America

The XML Challenge is running in several countries now, including US and Canada. The global landing page for the contest is: and here is a link to the press release. Join The XM… View »

Press release of contests in Asia

here is a link to the recent press release for the XML contest in ASEAN countries, China and India: View »

Upload your Video for the contest

Click the “Add Videos” link in the upper right corner of the Videos tab. If you are not signed into channelDB2, you will be asked to Sign In or Sign Up (if you are not a channelDB2 member… View »

Online SQL and XQuery Application

Want to test or practice SQL and XQuery without installing anything on your computer? Simply run queries against a DB2 database through your web browser using this application hosted in the cloud: ht… View »

Contest for developers is live in South East Asia and India

Here are the links to contests in these countries: ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam): INDIA- Developers: http://www.developerwork… View »

Links to contests in Lithuania and Turkey

Lithuania: Turkey: View »


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