What privileges will be needed for NNSTAT?

1. For v91 and V95 , A temporary tablespace (WRAPPER1) will be created.
The privilege of "create user temporary tablespace" will be need
If error reported, one option is to bind the db2stats.bnd by a dbadm user again or grant SYSCTRL or SYSADM authority)

2. NNSTAT has 2 methods to update the nickname's statistics:
2.1 For catalog-based method, NNSTAT will create temp nickname to get the statistics, and drop them when exit.
a. user mapping must existing for the caller of NNSTAT.
b. "Create Nickname" privilege
2.2 for data-based method, NNSTAT will query the statistics info by using the nicknames.
select privilege on the objective nickname.

"update" privilege on SYSSTAT.TABLES, SYSTAT.COLUMNS and SYSTAT.INDEXES is needed,
so "control" privilege on the nickname and nickname's indexes would be needed in order to update these catalogs (found by Shi Da), else the user maybe can not see all or some items for the objective nickname's info in these SYSSTAT catalogs.

4. In the end, NNSTAT will insert the status of the update to the table "SYSPROC.FED_STATS"
"INSERT" privilege on object "SYSPROC.FED_STATS"

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