How to use DB2 with Open Office Base

Open Office Base is entry level database program for creating reports and forms. It is part of Open Office productivity suite. It does not have native support for DB2 unlike MySQL and Oracle, but it can use user provided JDBC driver. I will show you how to use it.

First you need to get DB2 JDBC database drivers. You need JDBC driver and license file. Newer DB2 drivers can work without license file but it will limit access to DB2 for LUW only. JDBC drivers for DB2 are part of DB2 installation but they can be downloaded as separated download too. JDBC driver for 9.7 has some problems, if you have DB2 9.7 you can use JDBC driver from DB2 9.5 or JDBC from 9.7 Fixpack 2.

Locate JDBC driver files db2jcc.jar and db2jcc_license_*.jar. You also need Java installed, if you don't have it go to and grab a copy and install it.

Start OpenOffice. and go to Tools - Options - - Java. Enable Java by checking box, choose Java Runtime , click on ClassPath and add your .jar archives. You will be told to restart.

Now you need restart Open Office. Quitting Open Office is not enough because it has quickstarter enabled by default. Go to systray and locate Open Office quickstarter. Right click on it and select Exit.

Start Open Office base. You are asked for JDBC url. If you have DB2 installed on your machine then DB2 URL for cataloged database is simply jdbc:db2:dbname. For remote or non cataloged databases URL is bit more complicated, you need to add hostname and port. For example jdbc:db2:// Second field asks for Driver class type there. You can verify if you have typed driver name correctly by clicking on near button.

In next screen type your username and check box password required. If you are connecting to catalogued local database, you dont have to privide password and username. You can test your database connection by clicking on Test button.

If everything works correctly, then congratulation, you can now use DB2 with OpenOffice Base. Dont expect much fun from that program. Its not Microsoft Access or Lotus Approach, it is just for basic form entry and basic reporting.

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