Updating DB2 Express C linux installation to 9.7.1

Yesterday, DB2 Express C 9.7.1 was released. I have one non root db2 9.7.0 copy floating around and wanted to update it. Non root db2 installations are very convenient for casual testing. They can be installed quickly by regular user and you do not need to seek assistance of unix administrator.

Updating DB2 Express C linux installations with standard db2 install program is not possible - you have to do reinstall because unix db2 installer do not have ability to do updates like ms windows installer. It have ability to apply fixpacks but these are not available in DB2 Express C, because it is not supported edition for applying fixpacks. You can't install 9.7.1 on top of DB2 Express C 9.7.0 using ./installFixPack, you can do it only with regular DB2 editions (paid software). No need to be afraid, reinstalling db2 is very simple and can be done within 10 minutes

Same method as described here can be used for upgrade from DB2 Express C to regular DB2 Express or any other DB2 edition (except PureScale), you just need to add valid license key with db2licm -a after reinstallation is finished otherwise 90-day demo key will be used. :

  1. backup your configuration: db2cfexp mydb2conf.txt backup
  2. stop db2 instance: db2stop force
  3. extract db2exc_971_LNX
  4. run: db2_deinstall -a from newly extracted 9.7.1 copy. This will delete your database installation and instance but not databases.
  5. install 9.7.1 from extracted copy: ./db2_install
  6. import your old configuration by: db2cfimp mydb2conf.txt
  7. start db2 instance: db2start
  8. update database packages. For every 9.7.0 database on your system repeat:

cd $HOME
db2 connect to databasename
db2 bind sqllib/bnd/@db2cli.lst blocking all grant public sqlerror continue
db2 bind sqllib/bnd/db2schema.bnd blocking all grant public sqlerror continue
db2 bind sqllib/bnd/@db2ubind.lst blocking all sqlerror continue grant public
db2 commit
db2 terminate

No errors or warnings should be reported during binding (except for db2ubind.lst because it tries to bind z/OS specific packages on LUW). If there are errors or warnings about anything other than undefined names or unsupported isolation levels increase the applheapsz database configuration parameter to 128 or greater, and attempt to bind again. BND files can be located in different directory (such as /opt/IBM/db2/V9.7/bnd) if you have root db2 installation, locations listed above are for non root db2 installation

In DB2 9.5 and later, db2 attempts to bind db2cli.lst and db2ubind.lst packages on first db2 cli connect to database. Note that db2schema.bnd is not included and must be bound by hand, otherwise you might encounter errors from system stored procedures. Because autobind might fail (for example if system tablespace is full) with SQL1088W, applications might behave unpredictably its better to run binds by hand. Binding is fast and should be part of yours best practices.

Congratulation, you have updated your DB2 copy to 9.7.1!

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