Technical white papers about DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows.

And I'm back with my third quarter installment of technical articles about the DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows  product. Here are some papers I'm keen to inform you all know about.


DB2 Text Search, Part 5: Scheduling updates for DB2 Text Search indices

IBM DB2 Text Search enables users to create full-text indices in a DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows database. Full-text indices are updated asynchronously, and it is necessary to explicitly and regularly start text index updates to ensure that an index properly reflects the content of the base table. A convenient mechanism to automate this is to use a scheduler to start regular updates in the required frequency. This article provides information about scheduling options and discusses troubleshooting the default scheduling mechanism.

Tune DB2 database on Windows in eight simple steps

Performance issues can be difficult to diagnose and fix. Often issues crop up when least expected. Usually, they gradually develop and sometimes can cause outage of the application using the database. It is important from the DBA's point of view to be aware of a proactive approach to addressing performance even before it starts hurting the business. This article discusses an analytical process that will help DBAs to get to the root of the issue in a few simple steps.


Deploying the DB2 pureScale Feature with EMC Symmetrix VMAX

In today's highly competitive marketplace, it is important to deploy a data processing architecture that not only meets your immediate tactical needs but also can grow and change to adapt to your future strategic requirements. In December 2009, IBM introduced the DB2 pureScale Feature for Enterprise Server Edition software (DB2 pureScale Feature). The DB2 pureScale Feature builds on familiar and proven design features from the IBM DB2 for z/OS database software (DB2 for z/OS), bringing the industry-leading technology and reliability of DB2 for z/OS to the open systems platform.

Net Search Extender, here after called NSE, is an IBM DB2 extender providing full text search support in DB2. NSE searches documents stored in columns of database tables by maintaining its internal text indexes.




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