Some strange issue in Redirected restore... part-1

Ok so here is the scenario..

- Have database1 in db2inst1
- Took a offline (cold) backup of database1
- did redirected restore to clone database1 in to database2 in same instance
- set tablespace containers, worked just fine , no errors.
- roll forward database to end of logs and complete , worked fine no errors

Now problem starts. When app folks told me they are missing some data, which was simply not visible to me because I did cold backup and then redirected restore.

So, I did count check on both the databases, and here is the problem. Some tables had only 1 records and some has 0.

How in the world its possible that we do restore and it works fine but we dont see all data in target database ?

Tried to restore the database on totally different server and it worked just fine and count matched too.

Now again tried following

- Online (hot) backup of database1
- did redirected restore to database2
- rollforward to last committed transaction and stop (used rollforward query status command)

And counts matched......huhh???

Still don't understand the problem .. but I will continue investigating.... I think I am missing something here.. but will post soon if I find anything...........


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