Rational Team Concert-C and DB2 Express-C

Rational Team released version of their Rational Team Concert software. There is some excitement about this version because its not only first bugfix version in shining new 2.0 RTC line, but there are also important licensing changes:

  1. It can be freely used up to 10 users (was 3 before)
  2. You can now use any supported database engine (was DerbyDB only)

These important changes makes Rational Team Concert-C usable on real world projects. 10 commiters is enough and using real databases instead of Derby gives you online backup and log forward recovery for securing your precious project data.

Because there are still questions in forums how to get it work with DB2 Express-C, I decided to make short install guide for Windows users:

  1. download from (registration required)
  2. Extract it using 7-zip to desired location. Keep in mind that Windows path limit is 255 characters so be sure to not use too long directory name. I used c:\Jazz
  3. Go to directory: Install Location/jazz/server/conf/jazz
  4. Copy to
  5. Edit teamserver.propeties file change It should point to database JAZZ, admin user. i used\:50000/JAZZ\:user\=db2admin;password\={password};
  6. Change location of fulltext index. It must be fullpath in our example it will be\:/Jazz/server/workitemindex

Lets create JAZZ database and tables:

db2 create database JAZZ using codeset UTF-8 territory en PAGESIZE 8192
db2 update db cfg for jazz using cur_commit disabled
db2 connect to jazz
db2 grant dbadm on database to user db2admin
db2 revoke connect on database from public
db2 terminate
c:\jazz\server>repotools -createTables
db2stop force

Lets start

Start jazz server (c:\jazz\server\server.startup.bat) and point browser to http://localhost:9080/jazz. Default username/password is ADMIN.

Now its time to learn something about Jazz and how to use it. Good place is Jazz DeveloperWorks Space, About Jazz, Rational Concert on DeveloperWorks. Jazz is really very intuitive and easy to use software. Its worth to learning. After learning it you will never look back at opensource tools like git and jira

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Comment by Danial Monin on November 16, 2009 at 4:56pm
Thanks. It's very powerfull tool.

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