pureScale, Q Replication, and Active-Active Databases

IBM has an excellent new white paper on developerWorks about using Q Replication for active-active databases with DB2 pureScale.  It covers everything from basic terminology and set up to why WebSphere MQ adds value to active-active replication.  I like this paper for two reasons.  First, it's the most complete documentation IBM has for using Q Replication with DB2 puresScale.  Second, most of the Q Replication information here is applicable to any DB2 solution, pureScale or otherwise.  If you're interested, look for the dW article titled Combining IBM DB2 pureScale with Q Replication for scalability and business continuity.


On a related topic, there's a Q Replication mention in the last paragraph of Curt Monash's recent post about InfoSphere Warehouse.  It notes that IBM is working on improvements to its Q-Replication-based active-active replication.



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