Oracle database crashes JPMorgan Chase web site

Last week, over 16 million customers of America’s second largest bank were unable to access their accounts or process online payments for a good part of the week. Angry customers, hit by late charges for
scheduled payments that didn’t go out, are venting their frustrations on
The site first went down Monday and came back up after a 24 hour
complete blackout but many customers say connectivity was spotty, at
best, for a few days after the initial crash.

The bank blames a “technical problem” for the situation. ZDNet carried an article about the outage and posted two confirmed sources stating that the underlying issue was corruption of the Oracle database that supported
(or not!) the web site.

Oracle crash brings down Chase web site

One of those sources, Curt Monash, a leading analyst and strategic advisor to the software industry (who, ironically, has been praised by Larry Ellison in the past for his “unmatched insight into
technology and marketplace trends”) has some very interesting
details on his blog,
including this nugget: “…even before all this started JPMorgan Chase
had an open project to look into replacing Oracle, perhaps with DB2.”

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time the Chase web site has crashed. In fact, this isn’t the first high profile crash caused by Oracle database – Orbitz squarely blamed Oracle for their crash a few years back.

The timing of this news couldn’t be any worse for Oracle Corp. As they gear up for their biggest conference of the year, Oracle OpenWorld, they surely realize the great damage this news will bring to the
credibility of any claims that Ellison makes about their flagship
database during his keynote address.

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Comment by Jeffrey Hebert on September 20, 2010 at 3:05pm
Time to think about DB2 Purescale.

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