Need Help to Configure PHP with DB2 C Express Module


My Machine Description
Intel(R) Atom(TM)
CPU N270 @ 1.60DHz
1.60 GHz  0.98GB RAM
ACPI Multiprocessor PC
32 bit

Operating System Windows XP Home Edition

SP 2

I installed:
Apache 2.2.8
PHP 5.2.5
DB2 C Express v9.7 (catalog databse installed in the same machine as Apache and PHP)

I installed and configured Apache and PHP. Both were tested and work
fine together.
I installed DB2 without problems.

When I tried to configure PHP to work with DB2 I followed the instructions

it went through without problems until the section:

Connecting to DB2 with PHP: Setup                                        
Before you can begin coding in PHP, you need to configure PHP with the IBM_DB2 module.                                                            
Click the speedometer in the system tray. Then click PHP Settings > PHP extensions and select php_ibm_db2 from the long list, as in Figure 13.   

I have problems trying to find the speedometer in the system tray.
Is the system tray of my machine? or maybe I looked in the wrong place.

Can you please tell me how to find it. Or how to get to configure PHP with
the IBM_DB2 module in another way?

I will appreciate your response to solve this problem.

Thanks and regards,
Oscar G. Andrade.


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Comment by Oscar Andrade on April 15, 2011 at 10:36am

Thanks for the response. But I tried that and I got a message of: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

Th website cannot display the page


Most likely causes:

    .The website is under maintenance

    .The website has a programming error.


I still have the problem with finding the speedometer in the system tray to configure PHP with DB2 Module.




Comment by Lohith on April 15, 2011 at 3:04am

Hi Hope u r fallowing the exact process..cehck this link..i tryed long back and it was working dont rem much



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