InfoSphere Federation Server V9.7 infocenter:

InfoSphere Federation Server V9.5 infocenter:
WebSphere Federation Server V9.1 infocenter:


V9.1 Federation Server document pdf version

V9.5 Federation Server document pdf version

Administration Guide for Federated Systems
Configuration Guide for Federated Data Sources
Wrapper Developer's Guide
C++ API Reference for Developing Wrappers
Java API Reference for Developing Wrappers

DB2 document pdf version

For product information on Federation Server
For the system and data source requirements:

- DB2 II: Performance Monitoring, Tuning and Capacity Planning Guide

Whitepapers on federation technology:

– IBM Federated Database Technology

- Fundamentals of IBM® DB2® Federated Server and Relational Connect

– Two-part series on using data federation technology:
-Data federation design and configuration

-Data federation usage examples and performance tuning

- Handle distributed transactions with federated two-phase commit in
WebSphere Federation Server Version 9.1

- Use federated procedures in WebSphere Federation Server

-Maximize your query result in WebSphere Federation Server V9.1 with
Error Tolerant Nested Table Expression

-Asynchronous execution of federated queries in WebSphere
FederationServer V9.1

-Use WebSphere Federation Server Version 9.1 to integrate XML data

-Understanding the WebSphere Federation Server system catalogs

- Maintain federated data using WebSphere Information Integrator
autonomic monitoring tools

-Federation Configuration Wizard

– Maximizing the performance of WebSphere Information Integrator with
-Performance enhancements in IBM WebSphere Federation Server V9.1,

-Using data federation technology in IBM WebSphere Information
Integrator: Data federation usage examples and performance tuning

-IBM WebSphere Information Integrator planning and sizing


-End-to-end federated trusted contexts in WebSphere Federation Server
Develop user mapping plug-ins for WebSphere Federation Server


- Develop a customized wrapper for WebSphere Information Integrator

- Hello World: Learn how to easily access and integrate your

distributed data with WebSphere Federation Server

-Access heterogeneous data with WebSphere Information Integrator:
Part 1, Create EJB components that manipulate federated data
Part 2, Deploy EJB components to a portal environment

-DB2 and Webservices

ODBC wrapper
- Configure IBM WebSphere Information Integrator to access a Lotus
Notes database
- Using MySQL in a federated database environment

Integration With Other technology

-通过 WebSphere Federation Server 实现 Excel 和关系型数据库的整合


- Integrate Excel and XML documents using WebSphere Information


-De-identify flat files using Optim Data Privacy Solution and InfoSphere Federation Server

– DataStage and Federation Server for T-ETL

- 使用 IBM Federation Server 实现 XML 远程复制




Third Party customized Wrapper


Using the LDAP wrapper with InfoSphere Federation Server


IBM AlphaWorks GRID Wrapper project leveraging OGSA-DAI and more


IBM AlphaWorks EMBL/FASTA Wrapper project



Student Project at Humbold University Berlin (Germany) implementing a Google Wrapper with the Java SDK




IBM InfoSphere Federation Server V9.7 中的新增功能

IBM InfoSphere Federation Server V9.7 和 IBM InfoSphere Branded ODBC

IBM InfoSphere Federation Server V9.7 中 JDBC 包装器的应用

IBM InfoSphere Federation Server V9.7 中 DECFLOAT 数据类型及相关语义支持

在 InfoSphere Federation Server V9.7 中连接存储过程返回的结果集

InfoSphere Federation Server 中 Wrapper 工作模式的分析与对比


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