IBM's New Active-Active Solution for DB2 and IMS on z/OS

IBM has a new availability solution, GDPS active-active continuous availability (GDPS/A-A), that offers an unlimited distance between data centers, cross-site workload monitoring, automated workload balancing, and recovery time objectives measured in seconds.  I have a few highlights here.  Full details can be found in IBM announcement letter 611-023.



  • The first configuration available from GDPS/A-A is Active/Standby.  As per the announce, IBM intends to deliver more over time.  For example, an Active/Query configuration.
  • To keep data in sync across sites, GDPS/A-A takes advantage of IBM's Q Replication for DB2 and a new IBM data replication product for IMS called InfoSphere IMS Replication for z/OS.  A video here on ChannelDB2 shows how active-active replication works with Q Replication.
  • Health and performance monitoring is done through the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP).  I have a screenshot below.  The image's first bullet shows where Active-Active information appears in the TEP navigation tree.  The second bullet shows a launch point you can configure for
    the Q Replication Dashboard.  The Dashboard gives you a way to drill down into health and performance details for Q Replication.



That's it for this post... just enough to whet your appetite :)





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