IBM Updates its New Data Replication Product

Last month IBM announced a new Data Replication product that bundles its CDC, Q, and SQL Replication technologies.  IBM's intent is to provide all replication enhancements through this new product.  To go along with that direction, IBM just announced an update to the CDC technology in Data Replication.  The new level is Data Replication 10.1.1. I'll list a few highlights in this post.


However, let's first talk about compatibility.  If you're an existing InfoSphere Change Data Capture user, you'll be interested in two pieces of good news here:


  • Data Replication's CDC technology is completely compatible with the CDC technology found in InfoSphere Change Data Capture.
  • The CDC updates in Data Replication are also available in InfoSphere Change Data Capture (at the 6.5.1 level).


Functional enhancements include the following:


  • DPF (DB2 LUW's partitioned database) is now supported a source for CDC's log capturing.
    • This expands CDC's support of DB2 warehousing environments.
  • CDC can now provide its metadata to Information Server's Metadata Server.
    • This increases metadata insight and data lineage when CDC and ETL are used together.
    • Data lineage visibility enables increased understanding of “who did what when.”
    • Metadata integration also supports auditing & compliance requirements.
  • The latest level of CDC now supports Informix, Sybase, SQL Server, and Teradata.
    • These databases have been supported by CDC for quite a while.  However, the 6.5 level of InfoSphere CDC released in 2010 (the level included in Data Replication) only supported DB2 and Oracle.    That's now been extended considerably.


If you want to know more about the latest level of Data Replication, see the IBM announcement letter.




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