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Today, IBM announced that it's packaging all of its relational database replication technologies into a single product called IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IIDR).  Naturally, people are bound to have questions, so I'm going to cover what I think will be the most common ones.


What is IBM InfoSphere Data Replication? 

For its first release, IIDR is simply a packaging of two existing products: 

  • InfoSphere Change Data Capture
  • InfoSphere Replication Server*

Between them, these two products bring three technologies to IIDR:

  • CDC
  • Q Replication*
  • SQL Replication

For those about to ask, yes, there's actually one IIDR product for the mainframe's z/OS operating system and one IIDR for systems running UNIX, Windows, and System i.  They contain the same technologies, just for different operating system platforms.


Why is IBM doing this?

For now, IIDR simply offers a greater selection of technologies in a single product.  However, for the future, the intent is to use this product to provide integration of IBM's primary replication technologies - CDC and Q Replication.


What happens to IBM's existing products?

Nothing :)  This is just a new packaging.  The existing products are not withdrawn.  You can continue to use them as you always have.  A migration to the new product is not required.  Consider it when your needs grow.


Is IIDR Compatible with IBM's existing replication products?

Yes.  IIDR's replication technologies are completely compatible with the corresponding ones found in other IBM products.  IIDR even shares the same maintenance streams as existing products.   For example, you apply the same maintenance for IIDR's Q Replication as you would for Replication Server's Q Replication.


Where can you get more information?

The announcements (previous links) and your IBM sales team are good starting points.  For technology-specific questions, you can see the developerWorks groups.  There's one for CDC and one for Q and SQL Replication.



* The announcement letters also show that Data Replication includes a product called InfoSphere Data Event Publisher.  I do not list it here because Event Publishing is only a subset of Replication Server and Q Replication.


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