"IBM DB2 for z/OS - at the hear of you business analytics and big data initiatives"

The heart of today's data warehouse, big data and analytics initiatives is based around databases.  Analysts show that transactional data and  log data are top two types of data used in big data initiatives despite the immediate association of social data and unstructured content.   DB2 for z/OS by example is robust, scalable, secure and provides some of the best transactional integrity.  With all of this Mike Ferguson analyst and consultant concludes in his white paper : "All of this makes IBM’s end-to-end big data offering in a System z environment a very competitive offering".

He looks at the following criteria as key factors that customers should evaluate when selecting a vendor
"The characteristics of Big Data, create a unique set of requirements that need to be met to analyse it. These include:

  • Support for the following big data analytical workloads over and above that supported in a traditional data warehouse
  • Complex analysis of structured data
  • Analysis of data in motion
  • Exploratory analysis of un-modeled multi-structured data
  • Graph analytics
  • Accelerating ETL and analytical processing of un-modeled data to enrich data in a data warehouse or analytical appliance
  • The long term storage and selective re-processing of archived data (including data warehouse data)"

It's a lot for customers to consider but he explains it elegantly in the upcoming webcast  "Transforming big data into insights : An independent consultant’s p..." June 24, 2014, 11:00am EDT

Mike will also discuss some of the key IBM solutions for System z and their potential to help clients meet the stringent requirements he lays out.

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