The Data Studio developers at IBM have put together some videos discussing and demonstrating DSD 2.1 and the new features available. If you are a user of Data Studio Developer, you might find some of these videos interesting. If you are new to Data Studio, in addition to these videos, there are many other resources available that demonstrates how Data Studio Developer can help your efforts.

Sonali Surange discusses DSD 2.1 features:
Sonali Surange, Lead Tools Developer for pureQuery, talks about Dat...

Parts 1 through 4 of the Data Studio Developer 2.1 Series:
Part 1 of Data Studio Developer 2.1 Series
Part 2 of Data Studio Developer 2.1 Series
Part 3 of Data Studio Developer 2.1 Series
Part 4 of Data Studio Developer 2.1 Series

Also, the following demo discusses Common Connections in Data Studio Developer that can be shared via a source control solution (such as ClearCase):
Data Studio Developer 2.1 Common cConnections - Karen Devlin

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