Guide on Installation of DB2 9.7.2 Steps

Hello Readers,

This is for those who are new to DB2 9 or DB2 9.7.2 Beginners.

This blog explain the installation of IBM DB2 9.7.2 step by step.

The installation of DB2 Express-C with Windows XP and Vista and the processor architectures available are 32-bit, 64-bit. Operating system

requirements for all DB2 editions are at the link

Let’s begin with the Pre-installation procedure means the points for the consideration before installation :

Point 1: - Hardware Resources

DB2 Express-C can be installed on systems with any number of CPU cores and memory. There are two points to be noted:-

  1. DB2 9 will work for 2GB RAM and 2 cores for unwarranted license version.
  2. For the paid subscription version DB2 express will work for 4GB RAM and 4 cores.

Point 2:- Operation System for user Authority point

For the installation for on the PC keep these points in mind:

  1. Must belong to the administrator group or must have administrative rights.
  2. For windows Vista and higher will work for non-administrative, but will prompt for the administrative credentials by the DB2 Setup.

Installation Process:-

Dear user of DB2 installation please follows these steps for successful the installation of DB2 9.7.2 is given below:-

Step-1: Procedure for the Download the DB2

1.1 Link for the free License version for DB2 9.7.2 is :

Please download as per your configuration 32-bit or 64-bit.

Note :- Click on the Images for better view of the screen shot

1.2 To download this you need the IBM User ID and Password.

1.3 Agreement page for installation:-

1.4 Select the proper one as you like to download.

1.5 Downloading Screen

It will also popup the new dialog box to save the setup location of Path.

After download the setup follow step -2


The installation process is when we exaract the winzip file i.e db2exec_972_win_x86 having the DB2 symbol with green down arrow.


If you have the winzip than you only need to double the db2exec_972_win_x86 having the DB2 symbol with green down arrow shown in Step - 2 Point 1.1, that's it and you will get the LAUNCHPAD of DB2 installation screen or wizard of Step - 4.

Step-2: Unzip the file with WinZip

1.1 Go to the Location of the download file and you will get this db2exec_972_win_x86 zip file with below icon in the below image.

Note: Unzip with creating folder of same name of the below icon file name

1.2 Go to the path db2exc_972_WIN_x86\setup find and Click.

Step-3:- DB2 9.7.2 Setup Begins with DB2 setup Launch pad click on the Install a Product

Step-4: – Click on the Install New

Step-4:- Welcome screen continue same screen as above.

Step-5:- Software License Agreement

Step-6:- It is sufficient to choose

Step-7:- Selecting the installation:-

It is to install the setup and you can also save the setting of Response file. The Response file is sometime needed for the installation.

Default setting by IBM for DB2 is:

Install DB2 Express-C on this computer and save my setting in a response file

It is recommended to keep both i.e. last options (Default).

Note: – Remember the Response file may need you for installation for the next time. Another way of the installation is by Response File. Because to
create another sample response file for installation. Well we will not
need this time in this.

Step-8:- Path for the installation setup.

Step-9:- User Information for the DB2 administration

1. For Local System account the default user name is db2admin and no need for the password.

2. Domain user information for the DB2 administration we need the domain name, user name and password.

3. If you are getting the message that:

(Domain and username not found or not enough privileges to check credentials on the domain server. If user name and password is correct then click ok)

4. When above message box appear if you are confirm for username and password then continue by clicking ok.

Step-10:- The instance of the DB2 setup will be created with name DB2.

Step-11:- This installation wizard shows the summary of the Details what will be installed on the computer with DB2 Setup.

Step-12:- Successful installation of the DB2.

Note: – Refer the Required Steps you may need to perform for the validation of the setup.

Step-13: – This is the wizard or screen you will get after the successful installation after a moment of time as per your pc configuration. This
indicates the setup is installed with our any fault or error.

You can also open the DB2 First Step from:

Start -> All Programs -> IBM DB2

Step-14: – Point for Validation of the installation setup is proper

The proper installation of the DB2 setup is validated by the three commands which are to be run on the command window.

The commands are: – (1) db2level, (2) db2licm –l and (3) db2val.

1. The db2level command on run, it display the DB2 9.7.2 Product, fix pack and other details on the command window.

2. The db2licm –l command on run, it display all the license details of the DB2 Product to you.

3. The db2val command on run, it displays following things:-

  • It checks the core functionality of the DB2COPY1.
  • Instance of DB2 which we created is successful. The name of the instance is DB2.

Now you can start your journey of Database with DB 9.7.2 :-D


Install DB2 9.7.2 is boring :P . ( i hope it was not), jokes apart…

This article showed how to install the DB2 9.7.2 on the particular PC that’s it


Rakesh Tiwari

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Comment by Rakesh Tiwari on September 21, 2010 at 4:18am
Hi Shuvo,

Point 1:- According to you you get problem at step 4., that means you get the DB2 Setup Launchpad. right

Point 2:- check the pc requirement for the installation... and configuration

Rakesh Tiwari
Comment by Shuvo on September 20, 2010 at 10:46am
My installed crashes on Step 4. Here's the relevant info from log:

Action start 8:51:21: GetExistingInstallNameCA.

1: The DB2 Setup Wizard is unable to obtain the Installation Name of this product.
Action ended 8:51:21: GetExistingInstallNameCA. Return value 3.
Action ended 8:51:21: INSTALL. Return value 3.

MSI (s) (3C:FC) 08:51:21:993: Product: DB2 Express-C -- Configuration failed.

MSI (s) (3C:FC) 08:51:21:994: Windows Installer reconfigured the product. Product Name: DB2 Express-C. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Reconfiguration success or error status: 1603.

Thanks for your help.
Comment by Radim Kolar on September 16, 2010 at 4:24am
You can make linux version as well.
Comment by Rakesh Tiwari on September 11, 2010 at 9:37am
This is my first so any mistake please do comment on this..

Rakesh Tiwari

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