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If you use Twitter, you may have seen @Merv's (Merv Adrian's) tweets today about the projected number of tablets to be in use by 2016 and the ratio of mobile-to-PC app projects by 2015.  Those trends are two of the reasons why IBM's usability engineers are interested in getting feedback about mobile apps.  Conveniently, if you're attending this year's IOD conference in Las Vegas and have feedback for them, you'll will be in the perfect place to do so. 


This post lists the two* sessions you should look for.  Each happens multiple times over the course of IOD.  They'll be held in the Usability Sandbox and you'll need to sign-up since each session is limited to a small group.


Activity 2030 - Monitoring on the Go With Mobile


IBM is exploring the use of mobile devices to complement its web-based monitoring tools. My understanding is that Optim Performance Monitor (OPM) and the OpenAdmin Tool for Informix (OAT) are two of the tools that will be discussed.  The sessions are interactive.  You'll see conceptual designs and provide feedback on the IBM mobile strategy.  Your input might also influence IBM's designs of mobile tools for resource monitoring. Anyone with database or system health monitoring experience is welcome to participate. 

(And, yes, the description says that, due to the confidential nature of some of the information, participants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before the session.)


Activity 2026 - Managing High-Availability Solutions Built with IBM DB2 and IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Q Replication


Wow that's a long title :)  This one focuses on the Q Replication Dashboard and its mobile possibilities.  It may seem odd to have a session focused solely on this tool.  However, data replication has been a very hot topic this year and the Dashboard already runs on Android tablets.  Equally important is that IBM's made Q Replication the basis of its DB2 z/OS Active-Active solution and two-DB2 Q Replication is free in DB2 AESE and InfoSphere Warehouse.  So, come provide your feedback about data replication UIs for mobile devices.


Before the Session


You may want to think about it ahead of time and be prepared to give the usability people some feedback.  For example, here are two mock-ups I've made to let them know what I think I'd like to see.  One shows what I might want if a replication conflict occurs.  The other is some end-to-end latency information that would give me a warm fuzzy that everything's okay.




* Don't forget to check the IOD schedule.  There could always be a topic I overlooked :)



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