You've probably come across some chatter about DB2 pureScale that IBM recently announced. If not, watch Conor O'Mahony, giving the 2-min elevator pitch on the technology that allows you to distribute a single database on a cluster with up to 100+ nodes to meet extreme transaction processing demands, while requiring no changes to your applications.

If you want to know more, Sal Vella, talks about the scalability, and continuous availability benefits of DB2 pureScale in this 5-minvideo interview. Matt Huras was one of the lead architects for DB2 pureScale, and in this 10-min ChannelDB2 video Leon Katsnelson gets some details about pureScale out of Sal and Matt, including what the future of pureScale might hold.

And if you want the real skinny about pureScale, make sure you don't miss the DB2 Chat with the Lab on pureScale on Wed Oct 21, 11:30 AM Eastern. In this webcast Matt Huras and Aamer Sachedina will spend about an hour talking about the pureScale technical details and you will have an opportunity to ask them questions for a good 20-25 min after the presentation.

And on the lighter side of things, here is a drinking song that is compliant with IBM Business Conduct Guidelines ;-)

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