Does Federation Server support ORACLE Internet Directory LDAP Server?

Need to know if I can configure Federation to use Oracle Internet Directory (OID) LDAP Server.
Our Oracle Server is upgraded to 11g, the ONAME and TNSNAMES files will no longer be used on the machine that Federation server resides. Therefore OID will be installed as
their LDAP Server, and add the ONAMES and TNSNAMES files to the LDAP
Server for all application to access.
So any change is needed on configure Federation Server to use OID?

First read the following document to understand how Oracle use OID:

One highlight is the following graph:

So if Oracle client can be configured to access OID to get TNSNAMES, then it will know how to connect to Oracle server. Then Federation Server can read TNSNAMES content to get Oracle server connection information.

Generally speaking, only Oracle client needs to be configured. No change for using Federation Server.

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