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I have a table A with 30,000 Records.

Module B  selects the data from the table A.

This  module B is  called  via online(CICS) and Batch mode.

This Module  is called 30 million times in day. 20% of traffic is via Online mode and 80% of traffic is via Batch Mode.

In a second this Table is referred 30 times and in a minute 4500 times.

Each time Module B is triggered it selects data from Table A.

Whenever I do a select to table A. IO is caused and by doing like this lot of IO is caused.


Iam using an clone database for maintenance purposes.


I am looking for options where I reduce IO and get best performance.

Options which I already had a thought

1)      Create an internal array in the program.   Whenever the program is called  first check if  there is an entry in the Internal array(Via Sequential Search). If it is present in Internal array then respond  the request with the data present in  internal array. If  data is present in Internal array then fetch the data from the Table store the data in the Internal array and  respond  the request with the data received from the table.






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