Data Studio product family (freeware database development/administration suite) has new member - Data Studio Health Monitor. This new product is replacement for Data Studio Administration Console and in DB2 10 LUW will probably replace builtin health monitor with db2 control center client.


Problem with DSAC was - big memory overhead on monitored database, not easy to setup due to numerous bugs and memory leaks after installation. On other end, it monitored some performance counters and it produced really nifty graphs for freeware tool. It was middle class database monitoring tool. Due to setup problems and problems with certain db2 fixpacks it was not used much. People preferred real enterprise database monitoring system - better tested and easier to configure and use.


Health monitor is very simple web based monitoring solution. It does not monitor database performance. It monitors database availability, number of connected users and free space. This will cover most use cases for customers with low monitoring requirements. All they needs to know is if database is up and if there is enough free space in tablespaces.


You can get list of connected applications connected to database, their rows read and written, detailed list of tablespaces, database rollforward and database utilities status. More features are listed here. I like that IBM has courage to replace their not too successful products.


I would like also point at new Data Studio 2.2.1 because it come with numerous bugfixes. It is really helpful tool if we compare it against plain Eclipse. You can do database programming and bit of database administration. I will still miss DB2 Control Center in DB2 10, it was not easy to use but some functions were really helpful.

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