Data Replication and Data Federation (Virtualization) at IOD 2011

As with I did for last year's IOD, I'm providing a consolidated list of sessions for Replication and Federation at this year's IOD as well.  These sessions should be of interest to anyone with data integration needs.  Session descriptions can be found in the on-line IOD agenda for registered participants. Hope to see you there.


I've divided the sessions into the following six categories:


  • Customer Presentations
  • IBM Presentations
  • Related Presentations
  • Usability Survey
  • Hands-on Labs
  • Demos

Customer Presentations

  • 2921A: First Data Increases Business Processing With High Availability IBM Replication Technologies (Q Replication)
  • 3521A: IBM Data Federation Technology Helps Cisco Optimize Business Results


IBM Presentations

  • 1518A: z/OS Data Replication for Business Continuity (Q Replication, IMS Replication)
    • This covers GDPS/Active-Active and the role of DB2 and IMS data replication
  • 1243A: Building Highly Available Systems with IMS DB (IMS Replication)


Related Presentations


The following sessions cover a DB2 or InfoSphere product and may include some discussion of Replication or Federation.


  • 3381B: Advanced Architecture for Real-Time Data Integration and STP with Unlimited Scaleup and High Availability (CDC)
  • 2528B: Bank of China Case Study: Next-Generation, Near-Real-Time Data Architecture, MDM and Governance (CDC)
  • 3598A: Why BNSF Railway Selected IBM DB2 pureScale (Q Replication)
  • 3162A: Anixter Uses IBM DB2 pureScale and Optim for Mission Critical Applications (Q Replication)
  • 1349A: How IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Technologies Empower the Core Banking System for Customers in China (Federation)


Usability Survey


The following session happens several times over the course of IOD and is intended for small groups.  See the post about mobile UI sessions for more details.


  • 2026A, 2026B, 2026C, 2026D, 2026E, 2026F, & 2026G:
    Managing High-Availability Solutions Built with IBM DB2 and IBM InfoSphere Warehouse Q Replication

Hands-on Labs

  • 1121A: Alternatives to HADR; Q-Replication, Federation and CDC Implementations with IBM DB2
  • 1130A: Data Replication for InfoSphere Warehouse Partitioned Environments Using WebSphere MQ
  • 1158A & 1158B InfoSphere Change Data Capture (CDC) 6.5
  • 1160B: InfoSphere Federation Server - Introduction, Overview, Installation and Configuration
  • 3563B: Integration and Usescase for IBM Infosphere Change Data Capture with SAP Applications




If you want to discuss these technologies with an expert or want to see a demo, please come by the InfoSphere demo room.  For example, pedestal 37.  They'll be there :)



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