Data Replication and Federation at IOD Past and Present

If you're going to be at this year's IOD conference in Las Vegas, you might be interested in reviewing some of IOD 2010's customer stories for data replication.  I've got links to a couple of them here along with links to some of the IBM presentations for both replication and federation.  You'll hear more stories like these this year.  You'll also be able to see demos in the InfoSphere Demo Room.  We look forward to seeing you there.



Customer presentations:
IBM Business Partner presentations:



IBM presentations:



Once I have a list of presentations for this year, I'll put them in a new post.


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Comment by david t on May 9, 2011 at 11:37am

While preparing for this year's IOD (2011), I noticed I didn't post my summary from last year's.  Ooops :)  


I'll keep these brief since we've moved so far beyond IOD.  First, the presentations about Q Replication were very well attended and extremely well received, especially those by Constant Contact and American Express.  Their presentations are still available on  You can find links to them under the second heading of the post titled The Top 10 DB2 Replication Topics for 2010.


The most thorough hands-on lab I saw was the one on data federation.  You can find a copy of their presentation (but not class materials) on the developerWorks group for IBM data federation.


Last, but not least... Drew Bradstock's Managing Capacity Growth with IBM DB2 pureScale was by far the most impressive presentation I saw from an IBMer. He spent most of his time doing a live demo. He scaled DB2 up and down quickly, easily, and without a hiccup. Everything was done through a single browser window that also had live graphs of pureScale's performance. It was very effective. More products should present this way.


Let's hope I can provide a more timely summary of IOD 2011 ;)

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