Configuration of pureQuery 1.2 with Spring

Initially, version 1.1.x of Data Studio pureQuery had some support in the Spring Mods. This allowed configuration of pureQuery "DAO" classes with Spring. The Spring compent is spring-pdq.jar and is available at the following link:

That support has been updated now by Matt Anderson to include support for Data Studio 1.2 pureQuery features.

This will include the heterogeneous batch capabilities and provides enhanced exception handling as well. This would allow you to create unique exceptions from standard SQL Error codes. For example, you could throw a DuplicateKeyException when a -803 was encountered.

The spring-pdq component is part of the Spring Extensions portion of the Spring community and is available in the Incubator at:

In subsequent blog entries, I will discuss how pureQuery fits into your data access architecture and why configuration with Spring is preferable to other options.


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