People are changing database backends for their applications for various reasons. I was interested about current trends in database migrations. I used google to search how much documents can be found to particular database migration direction.

i tried mysql first to see if google can return relevant data:
migration "from mysql" 63 700 documents found
migration "to mysql" 242 000 documents found

That was pretty much expected result because mysql is highly popular database with lot of devoted followers. I tried Oracle second:
migration "from oracle" 152 000
migration "to oracle" 304 000

I was surprised that people are migrating to Oracle more than to MySQL. I tried DB2:
migration "from db2" 16 100
migration "to db2" 54 400

Hmm, not much documents. Lets try different spelling:
migration "from ibm db2" 129 000
migration "to ibm db2" 240 000

Thats better. Lets try second most popular Open Source database:
migration "to postgresql" 42 500
migration "from postgresql" 12 400

not much documents. Maybe try different spelling?
migration "from postgres" 2 080
migration "to postgres" 24 000

Thats even worse, probably PostgreSQL is not very popular then. Lets try Microsoft SQL Server:
58 200 na dotaz migration "to mssql"
21 000 na dotaz migration "from mssql"

hmm. Less than DB2, it must be spelled wrong for sure, lets try this:
688 000 na dotaz migration "from ms sql"
867 000 na dotaz migration "to ms sql"

Yes, that is correct.

Lets take a closer look at data. Commercial databases - ibm db2 and oracle seems to have 1:2 from/to migration ratio. It means that their userbases are still growing, no mass migration to open source databases is happening like it is predicted every year by various agencies. Opensource database have better from/to migration ratio about 1:3,5 - probably biggest reason for using them is zero license price - people dont want to pay for something unless they must and open source database can do acceptable work for smaller database sizes (<10 GB). MS SQL have worse position than DB2 or Oracle, it seems that it is already reached his targeted users and now is growing slowly. Oracle/DB2 documents found ratio seems to match their marketshare ratio pretty good. On other side PostgreSQL is far less popular than i expected.

After reading these number i got idea to make migration matrix based on google documents found. Here it is:

Big database migration matrix

- to IBM DB2 to Oracle to MS SQL to MySQL to PostgreSQL
from IBM DB2 - 17 800 51 200 7 110 1 170
from Oracle 25 800 - 43 900 10 500 2 940
from MS SQL 128 000 108 000 - 31 600 59 400
from MySQL 12 900 12 800 140 000 - 9 000
from PostgreSQL 971 4 140 22 500 6 870 -

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