Active-Active Databases: IBM 5710 vs the Oracle Database Appliance


Last week, had a very good post comparing two new database offerings for SMB - the IBM Smart Analytics System 5710 and the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).  Naturally, the first thing I looked for was anything comparing options for active-active databases.* 


I didn't find anything.  Not a surprise :)  Most database comparisons don't include this kind of information.  However, I think it's easy to piece together and it looks to me like the 5710 is the smarter choice.  Specifically, the 5710 includes the software you need to configure it for active-active databases, while, as far as I can tell, the ODA requires you buy additional software:


  • The 5710 includes InfoSphere Warehouse.  That's important for this discussion because, starting in 2010, all editions of InfoSphere Warehouse include IBM's Q Replication for active-active databases at no additional cost.  This is IBM's solution for active-active databases for InfoSphere Warehouse or any other DB2 LUW and for DB2 z/OS.

    Since I've seen nothing on the web about data replication for the ODA, I assume Oracle wants you to buy GoldenGate for active-active databases or Data Guard for high-availability.


  • For web-based health and performance monitoring, IBM provides the Q Replication Dashboard at no additional cost.  It can monitor any release of Q Replication and any number of Q Replication instances.  It's even usable from Google Android devices that can run the latest level of Adobe Flash.

    On the other side, Oracle just released it's Oracle GoldenGate Monitor.  It's also a web-based dashboard. Web and Twitter traffic say it's a separately priced product and that it has limitations about which releases of  GoldenGate it supports.  The well-established Q Replication Dashboard doesn't have a comparable limitation for Q Replication.


  • Update: I've been reminded that Oracle charges for it's table/data comparison utility.  IBM provides its table compare utility at no extra cost in all editions of DB2 and InfoSphere Warehouse as well as InfoSphere Data Replication.


I'll keep my eyes open for additional information and add comments if anything comes along.



* People sometimes misread this term.  I'm using the plural, not the singular.  The singular form, "active-active database", is typically used when talking about what DB2 pureScale and Oracle RAC provide for a single database.  The plural, what I use here, is what data replication can provide for two or more databases. This solution isn't restricted pureScale and RAC.


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Comment by david t on October 7, 2011 at 12:48am
Michael Verzijl has a good blog post called Introducing Oracle GoldenGate Monitor.  It says the OGG Monitor is separate product and is currently limited to OGG instances.

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