A long awaited book on DB2 Data Warehouse!



Greetings to everyone!

 This is my first blog here at Channel DB2! And its nice to be here! I would like to start my blog with a review of a great book I read recently , "The Data Warehouse Mentor" by Robert Laberge. I found it very infromative and it filled all the gaps I had on how and where it all begins , how it is built and actually how the whole project is organized. As a DBA I mostly work on the technical front, but I find that knowing where you fit in and how we integrate with the big picture really matters! It provides us with a deeper knowledge and insight and helps us to really understand the business perspective of a data model. I think everyone will agree that a better 'realization' of the customer requirements translates to improved quality and outcome for the client we work with!

I would really recommend this book for anyone who is looking for that special insight and ofcourse if you are looking to build a DW/BI model in your own environment this book would be the best place to start with!

I hope to see you all soon!

Have a wonderful day!


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