One of the sessions I attended Tuesaday was Tim Vincent's DB2 Best Practices. The room holds 200 people and was quite full with people standing in the back.
Best Practices 'present advice on the most optimal ways you can use DB2 to satisfy key business data processing needs' and several of them have been published on topics like database storage, design, HA, security, pureXML, etc. Tuesday night was the 'beach' party with performance by Village People, Earth Wind and Fire and a fireworks finale. Here are a few pics...

Of course the fireworks wasn't the end of the party ... many folks continued to have fun at other establishments. And fun can be contagious... Just like everything else in the conference, the expo area was huge and I must have put up quite a few miles doing the rounds on the show floor. Met with various vendors and filmed some of them like VMware, xkoto, NetApp. Normally I would also list all of the great swag and goodies you can find on the show floor but didn't really pick up much and it won't be much help now that the expo closed Wednesday afternoon. Here are some pics from the floor...

If you haven't checked out the bookstore, they are 20% off list price. There also have been several book signing sessions by the authors. And right next to the book store is the skills hub where they have been giving away the USB Hub Dude for filling out a survey.

The DB2 Express-C 'FREE as in Beer' session went of pretty well on Wednesday evening. Lots of people showed up for the free beer and pizza which run out quickly and more had to be ordered. While there were several receptions and parties going on I decided to step out and headed to the strip for dinner and ran across a bunch of other folks along the way to Bellagio. There are several people blogging, tweeting and posting IOD pics ... links to their coverage are featured on the ChannelDB2 home page ... please post in the
IOD Group if you see any missing. I'll close now with a short fireworks video clip from the beach party.

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