IOD2008 Day 2 - Monday - Wiis and Guitar Hero

The day kicked off early with the Grand Opening Session with MC Martin Short. Was a bit too early for me although heard it was great ... check out the
announcements in Adam's blog. I found there has been a lot of enthusiasm about the conference all day, even at end of the day. Everyone I've met has been pretty excited and keeping quite busy. Most people I talked to said there were a lot of great technical sessions and deciding which ones to go wasn't always easy.
I went to the DB2 trends/directions session by Sal Vella, and the room was packed with people sitting on the floor and the standing against the wall. They stopped letting people in but thanks to the camera I manged to sneak in and was compelled to take a few pics. I also dropped by the keynote address by Arvind Krishna where among other things Optim was announced as the family name for the various tools offerings including Data Studio. Arvind also gave a couple more Awards (see complete list of Dat Champions in my
previous blog entry). If you haven't dropped by the Developer Den, I suggest you check it out - Breakers G ... its right at the end of the hall one floor up from the Expo center. This place is full of free goodies. Just as you walk in, there is table full of DB2 and IDS books and software DVDs that you can pick up just for visiting the Den. Then you can pick these cool looking XML Tshirts by register for
the XML Challenge in the Den.

You can enter into a draw to win Nintendo Wiis by taking a brief survey and there are also some free water bottles to be had. And if the free stuff isn't an incentive to drop by the Den, how about a few rounds of Wii sports or Guitar hero. Or if you just want to relax or surf, there are bean bags and a few surfing stations.

The EXPO floor was the place to be after the sessions in the evening. There was a variety of snacks to go along beer. The cocktail shrimp were huge. Met several interesting companies on the expo floor (more about them in a future post). After the expo floor closed at 8, there were several receptions and parties. I dropped by the Informix party sponsored by Intel and HP and was actually surprised to see quite a few DB2 people there. There were still people coming in when I left so I think some folks will be partying Vegas style tonight. (Not me though .. ned to catch up on some work).

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