IOD2008 Day 1 Post 2 - Sunday Evening - IBM Data Management Awards 2008

I didn't think I would have the energy to write this but thanks to Little Ceasers, here are some of the highlights from the closing of day 1 at the IOD conf in Vegas... Well I didn't make it to the EXPO grand opening (was at NY NY in the DB2 FTAC meeting - technical specialists), but did get to the Data Management reception at the IOD conf. It was a grand reception. It took me a while to find the room and after wandering through few of the other receptions, I think the Data Management one was the biggest. And the most happening. It was the who's who of IBM Data Management community ... DB2 (LUW and z/OS), Informix, SolidDB, etc.. It was a great opportunity to network, meet old friends and make new acquaintances, and joke over a few drinks. The beer selection was decent and courtesy of solidDB, there were martinis, etc. (
SolidDb btw is IBM's in memory database that can accelerate performance by a factor of 10X). But more importantly this is where the 'database' awards were given out. It was a major paparazzi event ... several of us were on hand clicking pictures and taking videos. Here is a line up of the Data Management Champions:

I'm too tired to post the rest of my pics so I'll point to Amit Patel's collection on flickr (Amit is the man behind the DM Champion Awards, and thanks to him below is the list of winners in various categories. Nominees for
Best Solution Powered by DB2 (announced by Sal Vella, VP DB2 LUW and BI Development)
Verizon Business, for its use of DB2 in creating a single Order Management Database to manage all orders in a central location, regardless of the order-entry system used.
Dillard’s, for using DB2 as its main IT platform for back-office database solutions at 300-plus store locations.
Mitsubishi Motors of Australia, for its use of DB2 with deep compression, which helped to shrink storage requirements for SAP applications and to table compression.
Agrium, for migrating its IT environment to DB2, which helped to increase storage capacity, and aided in processing increased data volumes.
Altova, for utilizing DB2’s pureXML capabilities, which allowed developers to increase their productivity, and to query and edit XML data with ease. ... and the winner is:
Verizon Business!
Best Solution Powered by Optim (announced by Jim Lee, Optim product line manager) Winnier:
Pershing LLC! Nominees for
Best Solution Powered by DB2 for z/OS (ann by Rick Bower, director for DB2 for z/OS)
HSBC, North America, for utilizing DB2 for z/OS technology for cost-effective expansion and other innovations within the company.
BMW Group, for its commitment to DB2 for z/OS since 1985, and its loyalty to the product’s scalability, support, and quality.
The Public Institute for Social Security, for its use of DB2 for z/OS to give the company the flexibility to respond to new legislations and changes in social security laws.
Bankdata Denmark, for reducing costs and increasing performance with DB2 for z/OS.
Verizon Wireless, for harnessing the power of a DB2 for z/OS solution, to reduce costs, and to handle high-transaction volumes of over 10 million transactions per hour.
Limited Brands, for using DB2 for z/OS to minimize costs, increase productivity and performance, and to reduce system downtime. And the winner is…
Bankdata! I'll skip the were awards in other categories (Informix, IMS, etc.) and list the IBM Data Champions announced by Alyse Passerelli (VP of Sales).
Data Champions awards are given to those who have evangelized and demonstrated great passion for our products.
Lester Knutsen! Lester is a Gold IT Consultant, has a monthly column in Database magazine, and serves as President of Washington Area Informix Group.
Julian Stuhler! Julian is the current IDUG President, has been very active in the DB2 community, is a Gold IT Consultant, and has authored IBM Redbooks, whitepapers, and articles featured in industry publications.
Fred Sobotka! Fred is the President and Webmaster of the Oregon DB2 RUG, is active in IBM DB2 and Data Studio Developer forums, delivers DB2 LUW training, and is a contributor to IDUG Solutions Journal and Database Magazine.
Sheryl Larsen! Sheryl is a former IDUG President, a founding member of Midwest DUG. has served as a speaker at several IBM and user group events, and is a Gold IT Consultant.
Roger Sanders! Roger has authored 14 books on DB2, written redbooks, technical articles, developerWorks articles and tutorials, and has spoken at several events.
Kevin Campbell! Kevin is a vocal customer advocate for Data Studio, is active in the CAC for Data Studio and DB2 for z/OS, has provided customer case studies for Data Studio and pureXML, has served as a customer testimonial for migrating from Oracle to DB2, and is an IOD 2008 speaker.
Cindy Lichtenauer! Cindy is the vice president of IIUG, has been involved on the IIUG Board as Treasurer, has been a member of the IIUG CPC for past 4 years, and is on the board of Kansas City IUG.
Ted Alexander! Ted has served as president and vice president of the Atlanta DB2 Users Group, is a Gold IT Consultant, has taught Data Management courses, and has authored “Data Warehouse: Practical Advise from the Experts.”
Dave Beulke! David has been using DB2 for z/OS since version 1.2. He has served as president of IDUG, is a Gold IT Consultant, has taught classes, has appeared in a video for IBM, has been a speaker at many events, and also writes a column for IBM Database Magazine.
Scott Hayes! Scott is a Gold IT Consultant, is an influential blogger, has taught courses, spoken at numerous engagements, provides consulting services around the globe, and has had articles published on DeveloperWorks, and in IBM Database Magazine.
Brian Holroyd, Brian has written numerous IT articles, has an IBM webinar that is scheduled to run in the coming months, and is a Gold IT Consultant.
Judy Nall! Judy has worked with DB2 since the first release. She has served as president of the Alabama DB2 Users Group, vice president of the Atlanta DB2 Users Group, is a Gold Consultant, speaks at user group events around the world, and has worked with new DB2 user group start-ups.
Stuart Litel! Stuart Litel has served as president of the International Informix Users Group for five years, and has been an evangelist for the IDS brand for even longer than that. He has helped IIUG’s membership to double over the past few years, and has helped to increase the awareness and buzz surrounding IDS. Time to crash...

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