IOD2008 Day 1 Post 1 - Sunday afternoon

I arrived in Las Vegas Saturday night and checked into Luxor. Now Luxor is the next hotel to Mandalay Bay, where the conference is taking place, but as you can see from this picture taken from my room, it isn't just a stone's throw away. Its bit of a walk getting to the convention area even if you take the tram, well those staying at the Mandalay Bay will probably agree too. But its a big conference ... with over 7000 attendees, and takes more than one hotel to accommodate everyone. I have no particular desire to walk all the way over to Mandalay Bay, but in a way I'm glad given all the eating and drinking one tends to indulge in at conferences. So if you don't care much about walking, register early next year (at least that's what I told myself last year but I'm one of the last minute guys and booked my hotel just a few weeks ago). The conference started this morning with a bunch of pre-conference seminars and hands-on classes. I haven't gone to the Mandalay Bay yet ... I'm sitting in New York New York. No Coyote Ugly isn't open yet ... we had a DB2 LUW Customer Advisory Council (CAC) meeting in NY NY since yesterday. While we have several mechanisms for getting input from customers throughout the year, the face to face CAC meetings are of great value, with some of our key customers locked down in a room with senior DB2 managers and executives for 2 days (and the days start at 8AM and can run pretty late). Its a great way of getting feedback about our product, discuss product plans, and seek input for future releases and new features. We really like to thank all the customers who basically block the entire weekend and spend two long days with us to help us improve our products. One of the perks of attending the CAC this year are these really cool limited edition DB2 Tshirts. Here are some pictures of the front and back ... you'll probably see me walking around wearing it one of these days at the conference.

I'm headed to Mandalay Bay soon and will be walking around with a video camera in the Expo area. If you'd like to speak for a couple of minutes on the camera - can be anything - the conference, DB2, or want shoot the breeze about Vegas, look for a guy wearing a black turban (but make sure the badge says Rav Ahuja). After the Expo I'll be headed to the
Data Management community receptions. I don't know how frequently I will be able to blog at the conference so will also be posting short updates on

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