8 Ways: How to get GOOD NAME in office WITHOUT WORKING

1. Be Always Late to work:
Its normal, people have lot of work –They want to take care of their girl friend, night parties, late night shows. Then ‘Late to Work” is quite obvious. When we are late to work, we may hear “You are late to meeting”, “You missed the Call”, “Boss searching you”. So to tackle the problem “Always be late to Office” and when it become a routine your office will adjust. They realize you will be late so they will adjust their work accordingly. When you are going to office at right time that only distinguishes when you are late.

2. Gibbreish in Meeting:
When you are in the Meeting, talk something do not bother about the poor ideas, are the irrelevant matter (even your boss also talking the irrelevant), just talk, and make your presence. Let others realize that you are available. Accepting or ignoring your idea doesn’t really matter always the others focus on us matters.

3. Good Excuses:
When you want to get excuse for some work, to avoid the work, to postpone the deadline always be smart in telling reasons. Always have a emotion in your reasons “I am not Well”, “My dog got killed in a accident”. On the other hand do not tell same type of excuses or reasons let use your brain for new reasons (oh sorry I understand).

4. Always busy:
Always show yourself has a busy person, send e-mails, always have some [papers on your desk, watch your computer seriously, when your friend calls for break ,do not go immediately call him, ask him to sit near to your desk ,do some work for 5 min and then go for break.

5. Showcase your work List:
Take a printout or right some list of works and affix in your cube, do not worry it s a normal work like “want to phone” .peoples thinks that you are too organized and you are listing the normal things too.. Who knows you will be allotted few lines in a motivation or a time management book.

6. Always have in your mind “Managers are stupids and can be cheated easily; the important is they always award and recognize the poor working guy perfectly”.

7. Have an image in office like you are a busiest and workaholic.

8. If any work is given start it immediately and finish 20 % of work, because when your boss asks for the work you can show the proof it was started and in progress….

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