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Learn how to use R with Databases

R is a powerful language for data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, statistics. Originally developed for statistical programming, it is now one of the most popular languages in data science.

If you are a database professional (Data Engineer, DBA, Database Developer, etc.) and looking to leverage the power of R to analyze and visualize data in relational databases (RDBMSes), Big Data U (BDU) has a free, self-paced online course to get you going quickly:…


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Learning Databases has become a lot easier with was recently launched as beta to simplify learning database concepts and acquiring DB2 skills. DB2 U currently features several free courses that you can take online at your own pace with aids such as videos, books, hands-on exercises and more. Courses available include: SQL Fundamentals, DB2 Essential Training, etc.


To learn more, watch the…


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Free Database now Slimmer!

A slimmer / lighter, option of the free database, DB2 Express-C was recently made available. This is good news for many who just want to use the core database features and not have to wait to download extra features they are not going to use. Those with not so good bandwidth are going to… Continue

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Want a free Data Studio book?

IBM Data Studio if you don't know is a free tool for administering and developing server side / app routines for DB2 (both LUW and z/OS). [Of course there is a lot more to it but I assume you get the concept.] Over time it will replace the DB2 Control Center. So if you're new to DB2 or have been using the Control Center, it is a good idea to get yourself familiar with Data Studio. And an easy way to do that is to attend this webinar on Tuesday Jul 27, at 11:30-1 PM Eastern. You can …


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iPad, Wifi HD TV and honorarium? What the heck is an honorarium?

A sticky on the DB2 Express-C forum reads:

Provide your input on DB2! Honorarium for completing survey

I had heard of honorary degrees and aquariums but what the heck is an honorarium? I didn't think they meant an honorary aquarium (not even sure what that is) so I decided to look it up and the first hit wikipedia described it as "an ex gratia… Continue

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DB2 Silkworm comic

Curious after reading this comic? Learn more about the free DB2 Health Advisor Service ...

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Get the skinny on DB2 pureScale

You've probably come across some chatter about DB2 pureScale that IBM recently announced. If not, watch Conor O'Mahony, giving the 2-min elevator pitch on the technology that allows you to distribute a single database on a cluster with up to 100+ nodes to meet extreme transaction… Continue

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Virtual Conference, Data Studio Chat, FYI - I also blog at

This post a melange of several topics ...

1. Anyone who attends conferences knows that attendance at most events has been dwindling this year. While there may be no substitute for in-person interactions, many online events are enjoying greater popularity, and some are coming close to simulating real-world conferences with booths, 1-1 chats, etc. The Data in Action Virtual Conference next week is a good example and is worth checking out. If you haven't registered yet, check out the… Continue

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InfoSphere Replication Server 9.7 and Federation Server 9.7 released

If you're looking for solutions to effectively leverage or distribute your DB2 data across the enterprise, IBM has two new releases that are definitely of interest - InfoSphere Replication Server 9.7 and InfoSphere Federation Server 9.7. These eGAd on Jul 24.

For those using DB2 9.7's compression feature, an important feature of the latest release of InfoSphere Replication Server is the ability to capture and replicate compressed tables - definitely no small feat and an important… Continue

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IOD Day 3 and 4

One of the sessions I attended Tuesaday was Tim Vincent's DB2 Best Practices. The room holds 200 people and was quite full with people standing in the back.

Best Practices 'present advice on the most optimal ways you can use DB2 to satisfy key business data processing needs' and several of them have been published on topics like database storage, design, HA, security, pureXML, etc. Tuesday night was the 'beach'… Continue

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IOD2008 Day 2 - Monday - Wiis and Guitar Hero

The day kicked off early with the Grand Opening Session with MC Martin Short. Was a bit too early for me although heard it was great ... check out the

announcements in Adam's blog. I found there has been a lot of enthusiasm about the conference all day, even at end of the day. Everyone I've met has been pretty excited and keeping quite busy. Most people I talked to said there were a lot of great technical… Continue

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IOD2008 Day 1 Post 2 - Sunday Evening - IBM Data Management Awards 2008

I didn't think I would have the energy to write this but thanks to Little Ceasers, here are some of the highlights from the closing of day 1 at the IOD conf in Vegas... Well I didn't make it to the EXPO grand opening (was at NY NY in the DB2 FTAC meeting - technical specialists), but did get to the Data Management reception at the IOD conf. It was a grand reception. It took me a while to find the room and after wandering through few of the other receptions, I think the Data Management one was… Continue

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IOD2008 Day 1 Post 1 - Sunday afternoon

I arrived in Las Vegas Saturday night and checked into Luxor. Now Luxor is the next hotel to Mandalay Bay, where the conference is taking place, but as you can see from this picture taken from my room, it isn't just a stone's throw away. Its bit of a walk getting to the convention area even if you take the tram, well those staying at the Mandalay Bay will probably agree too. But its a big conference ... with over 7000 attendees, and takes more than one hotel to accommodate everyone.… Continue

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