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Log Sizing and Best Practices for Logging and Log Monitoring



Yesterday's discussion on DB2-L about logging raised some valid concerns and led me to address logging in somewhat greater detail.  My thread of the conversation is shared below.  If you find it to be of value, please comment and link to it for your colleagues.


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On Log Sizing and Placement with DB2 for z/OS

Today, on DB2-L, someone once again asked the classic questions about how many logs and how big they should be.  I've written ad-hoc responses to this on DB2-L several times, and I think it's time I shared it in permanent form with the wider community.


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We recently experienced a problem with our tape library…


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About Passing the DB2 9 Fundamentals Certification Examination

Ahem.  Your attention please, for a moment, if you’re interested in DB2 DBA Certifications as a z/OS DBA.  I’m posting this to talk specifically about the DB2 9 Fundamentals exam.



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Thoughts on reading Willie's recent "Do We Need More DB2 Reference Materials?" post


A week ago, I encountered a very frustrated analyst/colleague, who was having trouble absorbing enough knowledge of DB2 to understand why the changes she'd asked me for weren't working.  I tried to explain what was going on, and I think we reached a meeting of the minds, but one thing she said as she was leaving struck me (and I'm sorry I can't remember an exact quote!); she really wanted to learn enough about DB2 that the answers to mildly technical questions like this were no…


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Sale on Cert Exams!

Susan Visser (twitter: @susvis) tweeted this Prometric site:

Key quote:

"If you purchase and PASS an Information Management Online Assessment Test between now and May 31, 2011, you will receive a 50% off…


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What to do, what to do...

Hi, fans.  This is my first post in my blog on this site.

I'm Phil Sevetson; I've been a DB2 z/OS (and predecessors) DBA for twenty years; I'm a DB2 Information Champion; I'm certified in DB2 UDB for z/OS v7 and v8 (but not v9, which is one of the subjects of this post).

Current Situation:  I'm currently working as a DB2 z/OS DBA in a pretty good consulting position.  However, ideally, I'd like to find a full-time permanent position in a multi-DBMS shop. (Paid vacation…


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