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DB2 V10 Adaptive Compression

Last February, I wrote about DB2's compression.  If that was McLaren, with DB2 V9.7's compression, IBM upgraded to Lamborghini Aventador. Apparently IBM's thirst didn't stop there, they went one more step ahead and got the Bugatti Veyron with DB2 V10's adaptive compression.  If you didn't like the analogy, then I will put it in simple terms - DB2 V10 adaptive compression is compression on steroids.

On V9.5, I have…


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Retrieving data as XML using stored procedure

On a previous post I showed how to insert parent-child data from an XML document using stored procedure. Well here I am going to show how to retrieve data from a table as an XML document.  Using the table set of tables from the previous post lets retrieve all the order details for a given customer.  Here is a stored procedure that will take customer_id as an input and then return an xml document that has all the orders and…


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Stored Procedure to insert data to parent and child using XML

Couple of days back I wrote an article that showed how to quickly insert a child table with a  parent table having generated column. On this one I am going to show you how to insert data using XML as a value.  As my previous article show its easy to insert to child table , but you have to insert one row at a time. Well what if we have multiple child rows…


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Sending emails from DB2

I am sure you all know that you can configure db2 admin server and health monitor to send emails, but how do you send email from within

db2 luw itself. Much like SQLMAIL feature in our friend SQL Server , DB2 now have a mail feature. Starting from DB2 V9.7, there is an additional database configuration called SMTP_SERVER and built in stored procedure …


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