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DB2 Express C 9.7 licensing changes

Licensing for DB2 Express C changed in 9.7 version a bit. DB2 Express C is still free to use and distribute, but DB2 Express C FTL - Fixed Term License is no more. FTL licensing option was moved to regular DB2 Express Edition.

This is good move because people sometimes criticised that DB2 Express FTL have more issues than regular express version. Also it will make easier sw maintenance for IBM because they can now concentrate on 3 DB2 Editions (Express, Workgroup, Enterprise). DB2…


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First FixPak for DB2 9.7 LUW is here

IBM Information Management released long awaited Fixpack for DB2 9.7 also known as Cobra. This fixpack comes with

really impressive list of fixes. This list of fixes is not complete list of fixes included in fixpak. IBM, as usual, omits some included fixes from being listed. This is really annoying because our and customers DBA can not easily check (without running their testcases) if their… Continue

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Compiling Apache Derby 10.3 database

Apache Derby is very often used opensource Java database. It is also known as Cloudscape or JavaDB. There are several branches available, but 10.3 is most used Derby branch today. It can be found in Websphere 7, Rational Software Team Concert/Foundation, Websphere CE 2.1 and probably in many many others. 10.1 and 10.2 branches are considered obsolete and 10.4 and 10.5 are considered too…


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Rational Team Concert-C and DB2 Express-C

Rational Team released version of their Rational Team Concert software. There is some excitement about this version because its not only first bugfix version in shining new 2.0 RTC line, but there are also important licensing changes:

  1. It can be freely used up to 10 users (was 3 before)
  2. You can now use any supported database engine (was DerbyDB only)

These important changes makes Rational…


Added by Radim Kolar on November 15, 2009 at 2:29pm — 1 Comment

DB2 9.7 adoption rate

I am amazed how fast is DB2 version 9.7 moving into production. It is much faster then 9.5. I started to see first signs of 9.5 used in production for about 1 year after release.

DB2 9.7 is entirely different. Its already used, deployed on testing systems and used as standard version for new projects. Its pretty good success because there is not even single fixpak for v9.7 out. Fixpak 1 is awaited because it will add Oracle compatibility to DB2 Express Edition, which is very…


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Big database migrations matrix

People are changing database backends for their applications for various reasons. I was interested about current trends in database migrations. I used google to search how much documents can be found to particular database migration direction.

i tried mysql first to see if google can return relevant data:

migration "from mysql" 63 700 documents found

migration "to mysql" 242 000 documents found

That was pretty much expected result because mysql is highly popular… Continue

Added by Radim Kolar on November 3, 2009 at 7:41am — No Comments

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