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Installing DB2 Express C 9.7 on Ubuntu

1. Ubuntu Install

First step is to install Ubuntu server. We will use version 8.04 LTS, because this version is recommended and tested for DB2 version 9.7. LTS means Long Term Support and Ubuntu server 8.04LTS is maintained until April 2013. Projected end of support date… Continue

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Websphere CE support prices lowered

IBM lowered support prices and changed their support policy for Geronimo based application server - Websphere CE. Instead of charging per core, new prices are per socket now. Two support options are available - Entry and Elite support see difference. Entry support is 1030 USD per year and Elite support is 3500 USD per year. Elite support…


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Running Grails 1.3 applications on Websphere CE/Geronimo 2.1

If you want to run Grails applications on Websphere Community Edition (Apache Geronimo) you will face few challenges.

  1. Grails applications needs more memory than default provided by Java. You need to set JAVA_OPTS variable or alter default values.

    In windows alter file bin\setjavaenv.bat add line:

    if "%JAVA_OPTS%" == "" set…

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wasce-server on Ubuntu updated to

Updated version of Websphere Application Server Community Edition was uploaded into Ubuntu 10.04 LTS partners repository. Package name is wasce-server and it can be installed by using standard ubuntu package management tools.

There is problem if you are trying to update your existing wasce installation. Updates are not supported for Geronimo or WASCE. You need to install new server version, reconfigure and redeploy your application again. If you update wasce using standard…


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DB2 Express C - update to 9.7.4

If you are updating DB2 Express C on Linux to newly released 9.7.4 version, follow my instructions in older blog post.

If you are using db2 text search, it will fail after update with error message:

CIE00340 Cannot start executable program "/bin/sh".

You need to update db2 text search instance as well by running:

configTool upgradeInstance -configPath…

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How to add IDENTITY column to existing table

Every DB2 admin discovers sooner or later that DB2 can not add identity column to existing table easily. Following statements fails due to syntax error: alter table public.clicks add column id integer generated always as identity


But i have good news for everyone. It can be still done, but it requires more steps.


1. Add not null integer column

You need to provide default value for it otherwise db2 will refuse it to make not…


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Data Studio Health Monitor

Data Studio product family (freeware database development/administration suite) has new member - Data Studio Health Monitor. This new product is replacement for Data Studio Administration Console and in DB2 10 LUW will probably replace builtin health monitor with db2 control center client.


Problem with DSAC was - big memory overhead on monitored database, not easy to setup due to numerous bugs and memory leaks after installation. On other end, it…


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Wordpress for DB2 needs testers

I am working on porting Wordpress 3.1 to DB2. Major part of work is already done. You can help me with wodpress port testing.


Project is hosted on Launchpad, you need to have bazaar tool for downloading it. Wordpress also needs DB2, DB2 PHP driver, PHP and Apache. Download current beta with following command


bzr get lp:~hsn10/wordpress/wordpress-db2

db2 needs to have Oracle ROWNUM compatibility mode enabled with…


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DB2 init.d script for Ubuntu enhanced

I improved startup init.d script from DB2 Express C for Ubuntu. This script can be used with other DB2 editions and distributions as well with little (if any) modifications.

Old script did not have support for starting DB2 Text extender. New version scans db2 databases and if database enabled for db2 text extender is found, db2ts start for text is executed. This will really help sysadmins because they do not need to write init.d script for db2ts start - my solution is fully…


Added by Radim Kolar on December 31, 2010 at 10:16am — 1 Comment

Phorum Bulletin Board ported to IBM DB2

Phorum now runs on DB2

I ported Phorum Bulletin board from MySQL to IBM DB2 9.5.2 or higher. Now you can run PHP based bulletin board solution on your server backed by IBM DB2. It is fully working with exception that maximum message size is 32KB, which is more than enough for practical purposes because you can attach large files to message.

Porting was quite easy, exception was replacing MySQL fulltext search engine with db2 text search…


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Installing Rational Team Concert 3.0

RTC 3.0 Install howto

Installation is bit more difficult than in previous version (see my blog post). Manual page is here.

Download Jazz server and install it using…


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DB2 9.7.2 packaged for Ubuntu 10.04

IBM DB2 9.7.2 was added to Canonical Partner Repository. You can install it into Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 by following these instructions.

It is very simple way to get DB2 going and and it is fastest way how to get started with DB2 on Ubuntu. Another good options for easy DB2 deployments are Dubuntu and…


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Self Tuning Memory Manager

One of DB2 9 features heavily marketed by IBM is without doubt STMM. When i heard about it first time, i didnt liked that idea. What a nonsense, database administrators trained performance tuning for years and now they can be replaced by some program? What can program know about database tuning. After thinking about it for a while - if we take human knowledge about db tuning and put it into program it might do something. But i was kinda skeptic because all previous attempts to do auto tuning…


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Fast inserts with JDBC batch

More than year ago i presented simple document how to insert data into DB2 quickly using PHP and multi row insert statement. Today i will show you something for JDBC coders, similar but more flexible.

In JDBC you are free to use multirow insert with parameter markers too, but there is disadvantage because you don't know how much rows will be inserted. Most JDBC coders use different sized prepared…


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Using DB2 with Open Office Base

How to use DB2 with Open Office Base

Open Office Base is entry level database program for creating reports and forms. It is part of Open Office productivity suite. It does not have native support for DB2 unlike MySQL and Oracle, but it can use user provided JDBC driver. I will show you how to use it.

First you need to get DB2 JDBC database drivers. You need JDBC driver and license file. Newer DB2 drivers can work without license file…


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DB2 Licensing by version

If you need to understand DB2 licensing, there is an excellent series of articles on IBM Developerworks written by Paul C. Zikopoulos. I made following table to help you easily find information you need.

v8 v9.5 v9.7
Choose DB2 version read…

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DB2 Express pricing

DB2 Express

Is entry level database server. It is limited to max 4 cpu cores or 200 PVU and 4 GB RAM. Capacity sub licensing is allowed, you can split server by virtualization technology and install multiple copies of DB2 Express on it.

DB2 can be licensed per server, PVU or FTL. Licensing per PVU is oldest licensing type, every CPU core has some PVU value assigned. Most…


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DB2 9.7.2 transportable schemas

DB2 9.7.2 comes with new feature - transportable schemas. They are somewhat similar to transportable tablespaces which are old Oracle feature introduced in 8i and enhanced in 10g. Most significant improvement in 10g was making them cross platform. Cross platforms transfers require more administrator work, they are not automatic.

In Oracle you need to create metadata and hand copy database files. Then import metadata and add transfered files to target database. You might need to run…


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Upgrading DB2 Express C 9.7.1 to 9.7.2 on Linux

This manual is useful for Linux only. On windows just run installer and it will update DB2 copy for you.

Because fixpacks are not supported for DB2 Express C Edition, you can not just unpack new db2 image and run ./installFixPack. If you do, it will return an error. You also can not install new db2 image over old, installer will refuse to do it.

Cookbook for update operation is very simple:

  1. Install to new DB2 to new location
  2. Switch DB2…

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IBM POWER7 blades are here

Before some time IBM announced its new POWER7 processor and some new System p servers with that processor. POWER7 is huge improvement in processor technology and it is undisputed benchmark leader which is quite standard for any new POWER processor…


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