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Data Replication and Data Federation (Virtualization) at IOD 2011

As with I did for last year's IOD, I'm providing a consolidated list of sessions for Replication and Federation at this year's IOD as well.  These sessions should be of interest to anyone with data integration needs.  Session descriptions can be found in the on-line IOD agenda for registered participants. Hope…


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Data Replication and Federation at IOD Past and Present

If you're going to be at this year's IOD conference in Las Vegas, you might be interested in reviewing some of IOD 2010's customer stories for data replication.  I've got links to a couple of them here along with links to some of the IBM presentations for both replication and federation.  You'll hear more stories like these this year.  You'll also be able to see demos in the InfoSphere Demo Room. …


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Why Data Replication and Federation Are a Good Match

Years ago, IBM had a product called Information Integrator (II).  It was IBM's first attempt at a data integration platform.  While II is no longer around, one thing it got right was the approach of solving customer problems through a combination of data replication and data…


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New developerWorks Article About DB2 AESE's Federation and Q Replication

I get a lot of questions about what's included in DB2 Advance ESE where data federation (virtualization) and replication technologies are concerned.  Some of them are simple licensing questions about what you get for no extra charge.  However, many more are about basic functionality. developerWorks helps out in both cases.  For the questions about function, there's…


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Using Data Federation with solidDB

I hadn't actually thought of using federation with an in-memory database, but someone asked and I decided to give it a try. Turns out it's very easy. I also discovered two things that can be useful to a DB2 person like me who's just getting started with solidDB. I'll use this post to talk about those and show you how you to try solidDB federation yourself. Of course, if you've never done anything with IBM's data…

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A Fast Way to Get Started with DB2 Federation

Data federation (or virtualization) is a data integration technology that lets you build what some people think of as a database cloud. It's found in DB2, InfoSphere Warehouse, and a few other IBM products. It can be extended or used stand-alone through IBM's InfoSphere Federation Server.

However, even with it available many different ways, I regularly meet people who know little about it and are under the impression that it's difficult to learn. It's not :) That got me…

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A Fast Way to Get Started with Cache Tables (Distributed Caching)

I often get asked if it's easy to set up IBM cache tables and whether they can be set up with scripts instead of a GUI  The answer I give is yes to both questions.  Cache tables, a form of distributed caching, are very easy to set up and you can do it with scripts. The challenges are that (1) IBM's documentation could be better and (2) a good sample is needed. I'm hoping a few pictures, a little text, and a small sample are all that's needed to improve the situation…


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Federating DB2 and IMS

At last year's IOD conference, I learned more about two recently announced JDBC tools that had piqued my curiousity:

- InfoSphere Federation Server 9.7's "JDBC wrapper"

-… Continue

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Federating DB2 and PostgreSQL

In its 9.7 release, InfoSphere Federation Server added a "JDBC wrapper." This is an interface that lets the Federation Server access a database through that database's JDBC driver. Someone asked me if I thought PostgreSQL could be accessed this way and then federated with DB2.… Continue

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