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Should You Switch from IBM's SQL Replication to Q Replication?

SQL Replication is a data replication technology that's been used with great success in many shops for over 20 years. Yet, IBM also provides the Q Replication technology that has developed an excellent reputation for high performance, continuous availability, and zero-downtime database migration. Naturally, that leads SQL Replication users to ask if they should switch from SQL to Q. The answer, like the answer to many other questions, is... "it depends." :)


You have your…


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Distributing Data to a Large Number of DB2 Servers

Once you get past the simple case of copying changed data from one system to another, the next most common replication solution is data distribution. In this scenario, you distribute data from a central database to two or more databases, maybe even 100's, that are likely remote. An example is sending changes from a corporate headquarters to branch offices or retail locations. You may only need the data to flow one way - from a central database to others. Or, you may also need some data to…


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