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Existe Particionamiento de la base de datos en mi servidor ¿cómo me doy cuenta?

Mis Comentarios Técnicos

Empezaremos esta entrega hablando de unos de las implementaciones tal vez menos conocidas, es la referida al particionamiento en un servidor. En especial nuestro interés es más bien estratégico y queremos enseñarles como sabe usted que esta ante una instalación de este tipo. Para ello hemos estructurados dos partes, en la primera aprenderemos a darnos cuenta que estamos antes este tipo de instalación y entender su arquitectura estratégica y la segunda, donde…


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IBM Updates its New Data Replication Product

Last month IBM announced a new Data Replication product that bundles its CDC, Q, and SQL Replication technologies.  IBM's intent is to provide all replication enhancements through this new product.  To go along with that direction, IBM just announced an update to the CDC technology in Data Replication.  The new level is Data Replication 10.1.1. I'll list a few highlights in this…


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High Availability for DB2 DPF

DB2 LUW partitioned databases haven't been called DPF, the Database Partitioning Feature, since 2007.  However, a lot of people still use the term.  That's not a bad thing, but they tend to search…


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Questions about Federation in DPF environment


We are installing federation server on a 40 node DPF (MPP) database.

1. Do I have to install federation on all of the nodes or just the coordinating node.

2. Do I need wrappers, servers, user mappings and nicknames on all of the nodes or just the coordinator node.


1. Please install federation on all of the nodes because in a DPF(MPP) system, any partition could be potentially a…


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